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Target Visitors
※ Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, engineering companies, installation companies in HVAC industry;
※ Architectural design institutes, mechanical and electrical installation units, plant construction units;
※ Textiles, machinery, ceramics, fine chemicals, metallurgy, glass, metal, leather and other manufacturing industries;
※ Electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing and dyeing, plastics, clothing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical and other processing industry;
※ Hotels, hospitals, schools, waiting rooms, supermarkets, laundry rooms, auditorium, conference rooms, churches, stadiums, exhibition halls, large entertainment centers, underground car parks and other public places;
※ Greenhouses, flowers, poultry, livestock and other types of farms;
※ Venues with strong polluting gas, odor or dust;
※ Venues short of fresh air or oxygen