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Ventilation and Air Purification Equipment: all kinds of fan, air purification, air filtration, fresh air system, central fan system, humidification and dehumidification device,  tuyere, fan, air (wind) curtain, duct system, valves, pipe fittings, cooling towers, etc.;
Air-condition Equipment and Supporting Equipment: central/commercial/household air-condition and supporting equipment; seawater-source/ground-source/soil-source/air-source heat pump system and supporting equipment; environment-friendly energy-saving air conditioner, thermal insulating material; the equipment for air conditioner cleaning, inspection and maintenance, etc.
Technology and Equipment of Cooling and Refrigeration: the cooling and refrigeration equipment for cold storage and freezer; cold storage accessories and its support production; all kinds of refrigerating machines, water chillers, compressor, fiber reinforced plastics, evaporator, expansion valve, heat exchanger, refrigerant etc.
Building Automation and System Integration Technology: IoT technology, smart central control, intelligent mobile terminal, automatic control system, automatic instrumentation, cold and heat meter, flow meter, controller (valve) , frequency converter, sensor