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RACCA-Media Supportive Association of AVAI 2020

Media Supportive Association of AVAI 2020-RACCA

It will be our great honor to get the strongest media supportsd from RACCA! 


The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (RACCA) is an organisation that represents the interests of refrigeration and air conditioning contractors across Australia, from employers and business people to technicians.
RACCA is committed to supporting the professionalism of the contracting industry and assisting members in the development and maintenance of the highest possible standards in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.
RACCA’s services are tailored to the unique needs of contractors working in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. We save members time and money by providing timely information and advice and practical tools to make operating your business easier, safer and more cost-effective.
As a non-for-profit organisation that is dedicated solely to the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, RACCA is your best source for information, representation, professional knowledge and commercial services.
As a national organisation RACCA is a driving force in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries and a major factor in the continued success and security of refrigeration/air conditioning contractors.
RACCA, through its Committee and staff, actively work on behalf of contractors in dealing with all levels of government and industry and ensures members are fully informed on important issues and future developments.