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2018 China Market Report of Central Air-conditioning 
By AVAI China Committee
In recent years, China's central air-conditioning market has been continuously growing. Before 2018, most of the growth of China's central air-conditioning market came from the rapid increase of home decoration, while the engineering project market was always in a tepid situation. But it has changed in 2018. According to the, the overall capacity of China's central air conditioning market approached 100 billion yuan in 2008, with a growth rate of about 10%.
There are three features of China's central air conditioning market in 2018.
The engineering market grew better than expected, with different projects developing together. Among them, super-large projects, small or medium-sized projects and housing facilities make obvious contribution. A number of super-large projects, such as airports, hotels, subways and exhibition centers, have provided more chance for enterprises to increase their market share, while the growth of small or medium-sized projects has laid a foundation for the growth of enterprises. In the challenges of the home decoration retail market, the real estate supporting market has helped VRF enterprises achieve growth in 2018.
Data centers, pharmaceuticals, rail transit and other industries kept on advancing. In 2018, the hottest market may be the data center market. Data center companies focused on providing data services for some enterprises, becoming a new growth in the data center market in 2018, which directly promoted the development of the air-cooled screw sets. The pharmaceutical industry keeps a good development in recent years, thus more and more air-conditioning enterprises participate in Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition. In addition, some central air-conditioning enterprises focusing on the industrial market also made significant progress in 2018.
According to the following table, East China declined slightly, and South China and Northeast region also declined affected by the overall environment. North China has not changed much. However, the central and western regions may still have growth potential and industry transfer, continuing to ascend in 2018.
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